Conduct Audits, track issues and solve problems

Equip your team with a simple auditing app, that will help you better your safety, and quality standards.

Create your own checklist and set up an audit in minutes.

You can either build your own audit or select from the repository of templates. Either way, it won't take more than a couple of minutes to get you started. Then you can schedule an audit according to the frequency you need it to be done.

Ask the right questions with dynamic checklists.

The next question is changed according to the answer given to the previous question. Sub-questions can be created on specific responses & further sub-questions on their specific responses up to any number of levels.

Find Issues, report them & Resolve them.

Issues will be created in case of unfavourable responses and a severity rating can be assigned. So the issues raised can be tracked and you can solve them according to the severity of the issues.

Offline Capability - Like No Other

With Audit Flo's offline mode, you don't need to worry about auditing remote sites, working in the field, or operating in places without internet. Operate normally even when there's no internet, the data will be uploaded automatically once you are back in range.


Automatically generate reports after the audits are completed, you can share them easily with the tap of a finger. With the analytics you can get insights into your performance, quality, safety and compliance.

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